logoförCAEasy Signature is a electronic signature solution (e-signature) that allows digital signing of any type of file.

It enables the replacement of time-consuming and costly paper-based approval processes with fast and secure electronic signature. It is decentralized, that means it gives you control and does not require costly IT-infrastructure.
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Available anywhere

Using our online tool you can sign , protect, and verify your files. No need to upload you file to external or internal system. This gives you control & removes the need for costly IT infrastructure. 

es BankLevelIco

Bank level security

Easy Signature uses unique secure RSA signature for each user that controlled by digital signing PKI technology.  The system can easily prove "digital hierarchical trust" during a regulatory audit for any signed document.

es RegulatoryIco 

Regulatory Compliance

With the onsite Easy Signature validation service & documentation the system as been compliant to various regulatory standards such as "FDA 21 CFR Part 11"


Open API

Integrate it  with most of the popular 3rd party system, such as: Sharepoint, Dropbox etc.