IDSoft AB/inc (Easy Soft) is a registered company with organization within European Union (Sweden)

Easy Soft becomes IDSoft Inc

It all started five years (2006) ago with a quality engineer with a green-tech mind set. This quality engineer found out that effective, simple and affordable solution did not exist. The existing solutions were over-complex and costly solution with hidden “forever binding business models” and licensing made it very difficult for companies to use the existing technology. Making easy and simple and cost-effective green solution available became part of the DNA of Easy Soft. It has been a long journey and we aim to reach even higher milestones. The administrative overhead of our end-users has pushed us to become a profitable organization IDSoft Inc. However we will continue to provide free solution to startups and nonprofit organization around the world. (read more here).


We are proud to announce that we now have over one thousand active Easy Signature users around the world.

By replacing costly paper based processes with secure electronic signatures each of our customers saves on average:

600 man-hours per year +  6500 USD additional cost/year (Archiving, printing, shipping and rotating)

Our survey shows that each and every one of our customers:

  • Approves 1327 documents (average) /per year using Easy signature electronic signature.
  • Saves in average 35 minutes per approval of a document and saves 600 hours per year in average.
  • Archiving, printing, shipping and rotating cost per document is in average 6.5USD.  That corresponds to cost saving of 6.5 thousand USD dollars per year.
  • They save 100 KG of copy papers or 20 thousand paper sheets year on average.



Go green with Easy Signature

By using our free products, our customers are reducing the world carbon dioxide emissions by 336 tons per year. It may be a small amount comparing with 1.6 billion tons of CO2 produced annually. But we are getting better.




Did you know that?

  • Production of 1 ton of copy paper uses 11,134 kWh (same amount of energy used by an average household in 10 months)
  • 500 sheets of paper produces 2,95 KG of CO2 in the industrial process.
  • Producing 500 sheets reduces CO2 tree absorption by 5.4 KG per year.
  • Excluding transportation and shipping, 500 sheets of paper generates 8,4 KG of CO2.

(For reference please check Environmental Defense Paper Calculator http://www2.edf.org/papercalculator/index.cfm)