logoförCAEasy Signature is a electronic signature solution (e-signature) that allows digital signing of any type of file.

It enables the replacement of time-consuming and costly paper-based approval processes with fast and secure electronic signature. It is decentralized, that means it gives you control and does not require costly IT-infrastructure.
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Bank level security within one file format

The Easy Signature file contain all necessary information to securely encrypt/decrypt and electronically sign/verify any type of file.

It is tailor made so that you own your Intellectual property and do not need to upload it to an external or internal server.

In addition you have the following features:

  • Secure electronic signing (e-signature) and digital signing PKI technology. 2048bit, 4048bit or even higher DSS signing.
  • Approve along with your colleagues. Multiple signatures are to be placed on a document (one after another) while ensuring document integrity.
  • With a simple click of a mouse: sign any type of file with a unique digital signature per user.
  • With a simple click of a mouse: prove the "digital hierarchical trust" during a regulatory audit for any signed document.
  • Signature work-flow oriented. (auto email notification, etc)
  • Protect your file with strong AES encryption. (Allows you to share signature outside your office).
  • Easy to use. "Made by quality managers for quality managers."